Sometimes I drive late at night and listen to Coast to Coast AM on the radio.  The host of the show is the least critical guy in the universe.  Recently I mentioned the host of that show to someone, and asked if they knew who I meant.  I knew we meant the same person when my friend said, “The guy who’s always fascinated?”

No matter how dull the caller, the host always seems on the edge of his seat.  So I did this quick sketch of what I imagined he might look like.



This weekend the air felt Fall-ish.  It’s my favorite season and it’s on its way.  Here’s an old piece, but one I don’t think I’ve yet put up here.  Let’s hear it for Fall.



I’ve been busy working on stuff that wouldn’t be that interesting to post here.  Also, some of the things have non-disclosure agreements attached.  Here’s something I did a little while ago.  I’ll post again soon.  Hopefully, something so cool it will knock your socks off.  But until then, here’s this.

Here was the idea the client liked.

penny for your thoughts

She suggested a few changes, and because time was tight I just incorporated them into the final.

pwhistle park

A note about the color.  Originally I planned to do my foundation piece in sepia tones with oil paint, but the deadline was tight, so I had to do it in watercolor.  I had a bottle of magenta watercolor meant for use in an airbrush.  The pigments are really saturated.  Anyway, I took a look at the bottle and thought, “I haven’t touched this bottle since I got it in 1996.  I should use some of it.”  So I used the magenta to do a value watercolor painting.  Clearly a mistake.  I thought it would be easy to change the hue digitally to something nice, but for some reason the darks in the painting burned out completely when I adjusted the slider.  At any rate, I now have a super saturated princess color watercolor ready to burn the eyes out of any one that dares dig through my production art stack.


Despite the fact that the painting looks like it belongs in the purse of an 8 year old strawberry shortcake fanatic,  I somehow subconsciously painted in what look like monster’s eyes in the tree.  The client pointed it out, and I corrected it in the final.


Here’s the final.  The client liked it, but I fear I spent most of my creative energies trying to pull the thing from the brink rather than pushing it to some place really great.

I’ll try to post again real soon.