Merry Christmas

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching the Senate Debate this week instead of shopping for Christmas presents.  I get a kick out of those Democratic Senators who whine that Republicans won’t let them vote early and spend Christmas with their families.  The Republicans of course shrug their shoulders and ask for unanimous consent to adjourn the 2009 session and postpone the vote until they reconvene in 2010.  Of course everyone objects to everything.

Picture 32

This is Harry Reid as Scrooge who apparently hates Christmas and he won’t let any Senators or Staffers on capital hill go Christmas shopping because he has to ram something through in time for Obama to claim credit for it in his State of the Union address (and he doesn’t want his Senators to rub shoulders with their constituents before they vote).  It’s the first time the Senate has been held 25 consecutive days since WWI, and the first vote on Christmas Eve since the 19th century.  I started this piece for fun this week and I’ve worked on it amidst Christmas obligations.  I figured I’d put up a screen capture of the piece unfinished (before it becomes untopical).  I think I’ll finish it after Christmas and file it as a portfolio piece.