Latest Weekly Standard

This was a spot illustration I did last week for the Weekly Standard.  I got the call Monday at 4:45 and delivered the final file Tuesday at 2:30.  These jobs are nice because the deadlines are too tight to second guess much.

The illustration is of McGovern.  Not Terry McGovern who voiced Duck Tale’s Launchpad McQuack, but former Democratic Senator George McGovern who convincingly lost the presidential race against Richard Nixon in 1972.  Mr. McGovern is still alive and has had a long and interesting life, but to me his most instructive biographical note came in 1988, when he bought the Stratford Inn, a bed and breakfast.  McGovern was a bomber pilot, history professor, author, congressman, senator, and the democratic nominee for president.  Yet all these failed to qualify him for the real world challenges of running an inn.  After only two-and-a-half years and the loss of much of his own money, the Stratford Inn went bankrupt.  Despite the real benefits of theoretical knowledge, there is no replacement for knowledge gained from first-hand experience.  McGovern suggests as much in a 1993 article for Inc. Magazine and a 1992 editorial for the Wall Street Journal.

It is strange to hear this embodiment of modern American liberalism and former litigator protest against frivolous law suits, an overly complicated tax code, and the crippling overregulation of businesses.

You can read these articles here: “What I Know Now: Nibbled to Death” and “A Politician’s Dream Is a Businessman’s Nightmare.”


If you know me or have read my blog for any length of time, you know I have the tendency to over-talk.  Permit me to over-talk about over-talking for a moment.

A few years ago I had a roommate that used to get in theatrical arguments with his girlfriend.  They were sort of passionate people.  One day in response to his girlfriend’s distress he took out a piece of paper and started listing things on which they agreed.  His effort smoothed things over and the fight ended.  I was impressed with his resourcefulness when he told me this story.

When I moved from the apartment, in the process of cleaning up, I found a piece of paper in a book.  On the back was a numbered list of random things–bands, foods, movies and things.  On the list, around number 9 was the sentence: “Zach talks too much.”

After a minute I realized this was the list of agreements my roommate had shared with his girlfriend.  Glad I was able to bring them together.

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