Goodbye Old Friend: Taurus 1999-2012, R. I. P.

Two years ago, the mechanic said that my ’99 Taurus had about six months left in it.  Wednesday night, the mechanic confirmed, after several hundred thousand miles, my Taurus is no more.  This car was legendary.  Despite the enormous abuse heaped upon poor Taurus, it seemed to always respond, “that all you got?”

  • In Lancaster PA a girl spun out on the icy road in front of me and sat perpendicular to traffic.  My brakes offered no help as I slid into her, damaging the driver’s side headlight.
  • On the interstate in Richmond VA, a truck in front of me kicked up an enormous tire remnant which hung suspended in the air like a ribbon and crashed on my windshield destroying the wipers and cracking the glass.
  • In Greenville SC in the parking lot of the old Portland Studios, Youths took rocks and a bat to the windshield.
  • In Columbia SC a well-meaning driver waved me on, encouraging me to make a left hand turn into a gas station.  I waved ‘thank you’ and started the turn just as a pest control truck zoomed past and took off my bumper.  I watched the thing twirl in front of my car like a baton.
  • Then, two nights ago around midnight on the way back from Alissa’s mother’s house, I swerved to miss a big tire piece from a truck tire, and ran bang into another tire piece, and by far the bigger of the two!
  • Taurus drove me around Lancaster Pennsylvania, New Hampsire, Columbia SC, Indiana, Alabama, and Greenville, soldiering on without a peep or a murmur, but even the bravest eventually succumb to death in the end.

At ease, Soldier. Your work is done.

Me and my wife posing by our shining chariot.

Evolution of the Story Warren Logo: From Scare to Hare

Last week before Story Warren launched, I made a few suggestions about the logo.  Now, before I get too far, let me just say that the purpose of the site is to help parents tend the garden of their child’s imagination.  Hopefully, parents will be encouraged to till the soil, plant a few new seeds, and discern between the weeds and the plants.  Anyway, I’m not a designer, but I had a few thoughts and dabbled with the best of intentions.

The site launched and Sam started getting some feedback.  He emailed me and said, “People think it looks like a monster.”  I thought, oh brother, where are they getting that from?  I opened the page and looked at it again.

A Mexican wrestler stared back at me.

So now we’re going with this, which hopefully is a little less terrifying.

Story Warren Banner

I have been asked to contribute to a new site called Story Warren.  My first contribution is the banner.

Most if not all of the contributors are fans of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, so a pipe smoking rabbit was mandatory.

Here is the banner rough.

Next, I did a line drawing in case I needed to preserve the lines.

Then I did a watercolor (or whatever a watercolor is when you paint it with FW inks).

Then I added some digital mumbo-jumbo, and tweaked some parts that weren’t working.

Then I cropped it and made final adjustments.  It is now ready to greet you when you visit the site, which you can do by clicking this word here.

Volkswagon Zoo

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been a little slammed recently.  Here’s a finished interior from the book I talked of earlier.  I ended up doing 13 interior Illustrations.  The grandmother underwent some adjustments from the roughs to the finals.  She started out a little more like Hazel (from the show Hazel) and at the author’s urging ended up a little more like Aunt Bee (from the show The Andy Griffith Show).